Prices matter.  At IMPACT T-SHIRTS AND MORE we realize that customers are looking for great products at the lowest price possible.  Here are some of the ways we keep our prices low:

  • We pass on discounts and special pricing to our customers that our manufacturers provide for us.
  • We have intentionally chosen to be a “small business” with low overhead to allow us to provide low prices. We know it sound’s like a cliche but we really aren’t in business just to make a bunch of money.  We are in business to make “some” money while serving people and helping them save money on products that are generally marked up in significant ways by other companies.
  • We are committed to treat our customers the same way we like to be treated when buying products from other businesses.
  • We do not include “free shipping” in our prices.  We all know that nothing is really free and prices are often marked up to cover the “free shipping” and you end up paying for other people’s shipping.  Because of this, we have chosen to always quote shipping upfront and separate from our prices so you can see exactly what the shipping cost will be.
  • We do not add a special “shipping and handling” fee and always charge exactly what we pay to ship your products to you via UPS.

A Word About Screen Printing, Heat Transfer and Embroidery Pricing

Because screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery prices are influenced by many different variables, we believe the best way to give you the best price is by providing a quote to you that is specific to your job. Things like the location of the graphic, how many locations, number of colors in the graphic/logo, color and style of the clothing, quantity, shipping or pick up of order, embroidered or screen printed all have an impact on the prices.  There may also be additional costs/savings related to the format of the graphic/logo (see the “Artwork” page on the website for more information about this).

Contact Us Today For A Quote

Contact us today for a quote by using the Contact Form, email us at or call us at 717-977-4430. Generally, we can provide a quote to you within 24 hours.  If it will take us more than 24 hours (sometimes embroidery may take a little longer), we will let you know when you can expect the quote.