Heat Transfers

IMPACT T-SHIRTS AND MORE offers custom heat transfers in addition to screen printing and embroidery. This is nothing like the iron-ons that you do at your home using an ink jet printer and an iron. We use specialized inks, papers, and industrial heat press technology to achieve results you may think were screen printed. With high heat and pressure, the specialized inks are bonded with the fabric, rather than merely applied on top.  Popular brands like Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas generally use heat press technology for their performance wear and clothing.

Advantages Over Screen Printing and Embroidery

Advantage over screen printing. The advantage of using a heat transfer over screen printing is that screen printing is more cost effective for large runs (hundreds) of identical items. With heat press technology, we can provide a cost effective solution for as few as 6 pieces for your heat transfer logo.

Advantage over embroidery. The advantage of using a heat transfer over embroidery is that it is less expensive. Heat transfers are also preferred when using performance wear or lighter fabrics such as polo shirts and t-shirts. Heat transfer doesn’t have the push and pull of the needle and thread to distort and wrinkle light fabrics.

Spot Color and Full Color Heat Transfers

We can do heat transfers in one, two, and three colors similar to the appearance of screen printing.  We also offer custom full color heat transfers which are good for more detailed logos and graphics.

Sports Apparel and Spirit Wear

Do you need numbers and names on your team uniforms, clothing, and spirit wear?  We can add names and numbers for you on your apparel, bags, etc.

Apparel Choices

IMPACT T-SHIRTS AND MORE offers many different brands and different styles of apparel. Please make sure you check out the different catalogs on our website.


We are committed to provide you the lowest price we can for good quality products.  Keep in mind that your price will be based on the number of colors in your design, number of print locations, color of your apparel, and the total number of items you order.  Because of all the different variables involved in pricing, we believe it is always best to offer you a quote for your specific job.  Please contact us for a quote by using the CONTACT FORM or by calling 717-977-4430. You can also email us at sales@impacttshirtsandmore.com.  We will do our best to provide a price to you quickly (usually within 24 hours).