Church Partner Program

At IMPACT T-SHIRTS AND MORE, we understand some of the unique challenges that come with providing logo wear for your church or ministry. For example, we fully appreciate that no ministry can afford to get stuck with a bunch of unsold shirts.  We also understand people’s hesitancy to order a shirt, sweatshirt, etc. without being able to see what the “finished” product is really going to look like.

That is why we created the CHURCH PARTNER PROGRAM for screen printed apparel. Here is how it works.

YOU CHOOSE A DESIGN/LOGO. You can choose one of our “Impact Church Logo Wear Designs” or you can use your own graphic/logo. Check out our Artwork page for more information.  If you don’t have a design/logo in the required format, we can assist you in developing one.  Please note that the Church Partner Program is only available for screen printed clothing/apparel at this time.

YOU CHOOSE A STYLE OF CLOTHING/APPAREL. Tell us which style(s) of clothing and colors you want to offer.  You can pick one of our popular products or choose something in our apparel catalogs. Whatever you choose, it will need to be limited to no more than 8 different styles/colors and must use the same graphic/logo for all of the styles/colors.  For example, you may choose to offer a hooded sweatshirt in 3 colors, a long-sleeve t-shirt in 3 colors, and a crew sweatshirt in 2 colors.

YOU COMMIT TO A MINIMUM ORDER OF 18. You need to commit to an order of 18 or more to take advantage of the CHURCH PARTNER PROGRAM. If you can’t commit to at least 18, tell us what you believe you can commit to and we will offer you the best pricing possible for that number of shirts.

WE WILL PROVIDE PRICING. Once we agree on the colors, styles, and design, we will provide you a quote.  We know the price matters and we are committed to give you the best price we can as part of the Church Partner Program.

WE PROVIDE ORDER FORMS AND SAMPLES. Once we agree on the colors, styles, design, and price, we will provide you with order forms (PDF format that you will need to download and print). NOTE: If you desire to use the clothing/apparel for fund raising, you can tell us the price you want to charge and we will make sure that price is used on the provided order forms. We will also provide up to four samples of clothing/apparel using your design. The samples provided will be in the colors and style of the clothing/apparel you have chosen.

YOU TAKE ORDERS AND RECIEVE PAYMENT FOR 2-3 WEEKS. You will take orders and receive payment for 2-3 weeks (you choose) and then provide a copy of the completed order forms to us along with a 50% deposit for everything that was ordered.

WE WILL SHIP PRINTED APPAREL TO YOU WITHIN 2 WEEKS.  Once we receive the copies of the completed order forms and the deposit, we will print your shirts, apparel, etc.  We are committed to get them printed and delivered to you within 2 weeks after receiving your order. Upon receipt of the shirts, you will give/send in the other 50% of the bill.

Contact us today for more information about our Church Partner Program by calling us at 717-977-4430 or click here to complete the Church Partner Information/Quote Form.